Fusion Medical Animation

About us

Dedicated to Excellence

Fusion Animation was founded in 2010 by Simon Reid. Since then, Simon and his team have established a world-leading, high end animation studio that works with some of the biggest and most innovative names in the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

We've brought together brilliant film makers and technicians with huge experience in both communications and science. And in the process, our teams have won many awards, including an EMMY, and a BAFTA.

Of course, we're happy our work has been recognised with multiple awards, but what gives us most pleasure is delivering stunning, effective films for our clients.

Meet the team:

  • Simon Reid

    Creative Director

    EMMY and BAFTA winning scientific/medical animation Director. 10+ years producing work for pharmaceutical companies as well as factual broadcast material for the BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic and Science Channel.

  • Fiona Day

    Client Services Director

    Fiona has worked in the communication industry for over 15 years and in healthcare for over 10. With an Honours degree in Neuroendocrinology, she ensures each and every project is completed on time and on budget.

  • Vanessa Lane, PhD

    Medical Director

    Vanessa has been working in senior roles within the medical communications world for over 20 years. Having worked both in the US and UK, she also brings international experience to the team.

  • Niall Earley

    Scientific Art Director

    As a qualified biomedical scientist and an experienced CG artist, Niall is in the unique position to fuse cutting edge scientific research with beautiful CG imagery. Niall's work to engage the public with scientific research has been recognised worldwide and he ensures the Fusion team creates stunning yet accurate animations.

  • Pauls Kalnenieks

    Animation Director

    Pauls is one of the industry’s leading creatives. He is renowned for stunning visuals and intricately crafted animation. He has vast experience of scientific visualisation, having worked at National Space Centre creating immersive cgi experiences for VR and planetariums.

  • Sara Bakalchuk

    Junior 3D Animator

    Sara is a highly qualified 3D artist and animator, who has been creating cutting edge CGI visualisations and simulations in the medical animation field since 2019. As a neuroscience major, with a masters in Medical Visualisation, Sara is highly knowledgeable in both the scientific and artistic aspects of medical animation. She utilises these skills to create both visually compelling, and scientifically accurate animations.

  • Fin Belcher

    Junior Animator

    An experienced digital creative with over 10 years working in dynamic and collaborative environments, delivering hundreds of diverse and quality projects to many high-profile clients.

  • Ben Delahunt

    2D Designer

    Ben uses his Graphic Communication and Illustration degree to add hard-working design principles to complement the scientific scripts for our 2D animations. He’s a champion of the belief that good design is versatile; it can exist anywhere. If left to his own devices, Ben would like to turn title sequences into an artform.

  • Ruby Mengtian Lu

    Junior 3D Animator

    Medical illustrator with specialized experience in art and design in healthcare, a strong scientific background and a passion for high-fidelity illustrations and 3D animation


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