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COVID-19 update

COVID-19 has forced the cancellation of many tradeshows, business meetings and conferences. This has led to new or increased demand for remote communication and marketing programs such as virtual conferences.

For each medical animation project, we produce a range of assets that can be repurposed throughout numerous digital platforms which will increase your return on investment.

The 3D digital assets we build for each animation can be repurposed into:


3D renders of COVID-19

We created this animation of the corona virus and have made it freely available to download, share and use. We ask that you credit Fusion Medical Animation if you do have a use for the visuals. High resolution images can be downloaded here:

These images have been now downloaded over 5 millions times!

Since sharing these images we have been contacted by people who intend to use them in very different ways; from university lecturers wishing to use them as part of their (now) virtual teaching while the college is shut to a firms creating apps to help people to know how to act during this pandemic.

The making of the Covid-19 model:
This model was created by assembling together parts from related 3 coronavirus structures that are available in public databases, such as RCSB PDB.
The components that we used:
1) S protein (PDB code – 6CRV)
2) E protein (PDB code – 5X29)
3) M protein (PDB code – 3I6G)
The M protein shown is complexed with HLA-A*02 (human leukocyte antigen serotype A*02). The distribution of these proteins on the surface of the virus was aligned by a random algorithm. The overall representation surface protein density has been reduced to help show spike, envelope, and membrane proteins.
The lipid membrane itself was generated using a particle system to produce a random and organic result. The current Covid-19 visualisation represents the surface structure of the virus. At the time of writing the inner structures are being sourced and incorporated into a new visualisation. Models were imported and distributed in 3d Studio Max, rendered with Redshift and composited in Nuke.


We have cross-referenced these models with:
3d Form: Structures provided by Korkinlab:
Visuals Refs: