Fusion Medical Animation

AI (artificial intelligence)

Machine learning to accelerate the discovery of advanced medicines

LabGenius is pioneering the development of a smart, robotic platform — EVA. EVA uses machine learning to optimise a class of antibody therapeutics, called Immune cell engagers.

Antibody therapeutics are often designed to kill cancer cells by targeting these highly expressed surface markers. However, a significant issue for many is that some healthy cells naturally express the same surface markers, albeit at much lower levels, and these can be caught in the crossfire.

This off-tumour toxicity can lead to negative side effects for patients or prevent a drug reaching the clinic altogether

LabGenius’ EVA platform uses machine learning to increase the selectivity of Immune cell engagers. This is done by fine tuning the strength - or ‘affinity’ - of the interaction between the Immune cell engager and the cancer cell.