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Immune Mediated Disease

Rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, alopecia areata, atopic dermatitis, multiple sclerosis and axial spondyloarthritis are just some of the inflammatory diseases that we have worked on recently. Here are some excerpts of our work including a mechanism of disease, mode of action and patient education video.

Phagocytosis - Educational Film

This excerpt is from an educational film describing the functions of white blood cells. It has proven so popular that research institutes and publishers worldwide (Tel Aviv University, ImagineScienceFilms, FacebookScienceNature, NTD Broadcast, Doctors Channel) are using it to inspire their students and followers. 

There are approximately 50 billion white blood cells in our bodies and that one of their functions is to engulf foreign cells. Here we see a white blood cell chasing bacteria which it eventually engulfs by the process Phagocytosis.

Phagocytosis in mammalian immune cells is activated by attachment to Pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPS), which leads to NF-κB activation. Opsonins such as C3b and antibodies can act as attachment sites and aid phagocytosis of pathogens.

Engulfment of material is facilitated by the actin-myosin contractile system. The phagosome of ingested material is then fused with the lysosome, leading to degradation.