Fusion Medical Animation



Version 1: Production Music

This animation is for the charity Salvesen Mindroom Centre who help people understand what neurodiversity means. The video is used to launch conferences such as ITAKOM (It Takes All Kinds Of Minds).

Different people process information in different ways. We call this neurodiversity.

Even though we all have  the same organic components/elements - our distinctive senses, experiences and circumstances mean that we each build our own road through life. For many of us, society still doesn’t understand or accommodate our journey…or our particular destination

We would like to see a much more holistic way to look at intelligence, talent and capacity. A way that includes All Kinds Of Minds.


Version 2: Special Music Composed For Neurodiverse Audience

We also produced a version where special music was composed for a neurodiverse audience.

A note from the composer, David FitzPatrick:

“My intention was to create a score that would be of interest to neurodiverse audiences… The opening melodic theme is inspired by the rhythm of the morse code for ITAKOM.  I am reasonably certain that there will be people who will spot this feature.”