Fusion Medical Animation


3D CGI Animation

CGI creates a truly immersive experience. For complex or detailed topics, we believe it's the best way to make the subject matter live with realistic, compelling imagery.

With unrivalled depth of field, CGI can bring to life exactly how a medicine works within the body. We also love how it works beautifully to illustrate macro changes like bone damage all the way down to molecular changes such as antibodies binding to receptors. It's a highly effective way to create cinematic experiences for MoA, MoD, patient explainers and clinical trials.

2D Animation

Highly effective in explaining broad concepts, our team finds 2D particularly useful for bringing data or information flow to life with immediacy and clarity.

This style of animation is especially effective when employing infographic icons or characters with text on screen. That makes it helpful when conveying top-line ideas or concepts such as HEOR or disease timelines.

Interactive Animation

This kind of animation really engages people, drawing them in with personalised content that adds relevance for your viewers.

Interactivity helps to grab and hold the viewer's attention for longer, immersing them in your film in order to make a deeper and more lasting impression. Our team develops 3D models that the viewer can manipulate and rotate. And by building "hotspots" into your film, they can open pop-up boxes to learn more about your product or service.

Furthermore, we can also collaborate with your technology provider to create content that is embedded in your website. This puts the viewer in control of what they watch - a highly effective way to engage with them because they can choose the content that is most relevant to them.

Virtual Reality

Fusion develop narrative led content for Virtual Reality. We bring great scientific stories to VR through a combination spherical video, real time rendered worlds, and high fidelity CGI. The viewer can now travel in our 3D virtual film sets and take them on a ride inside the human body, which gives the user an immersive and detailed understanding of biological processes.

To ensure a positive and successful experience, Fusion provides consultation on all hardware and technical aspects, and whenever necessary, collaborate with client-side specialists as well.

This is an immersive 360 degree animation. Use the mouse to interact with the video and change your view as it plays. Please select 4k resolution.


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