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Virtual Reality

VR Showreel: A collection of some of our favorite work we have produced in 360° Virtual Reality.


Fusion develop narrative led content for Virtual Reality. We bring great scientific stories to VR through a combination spherical video, real time rendered worlds, and high fidelity CGI. The viewer can now travel in our 3D virtual film sets and take them on a ride inside the human body, which gives the user an immersive and detailed understanding of biological processes.

To ensure a positive and successful experience, Fusion provides consultation on all hardware and technical aspects, and whenever necessary, collaborate with client-side specialists as well.

For the best experience, view in the Samsung Gear VR, Vive, Google Cardboard (VR glasses) or Oculus Rift.

This is an immersive 360 degree animation. Use the mouse to interact with the video and change your view as it plays.

For video quality please select 2K or greater.